Scholastic- and club-level courses include Coaching Principles, Coaching Orientation, Sport First Aid, and advanced sport-specific technical and tactical skills courses.

There are three ways to implement the coaching education program:

  1. Direct your coaches to attend a classroom clinic taught by a certified instructor. Click for a listing of classroom clinics in your area.
  2. Train your coaches by becoming an instructor and conducting classroom clinics at your facility.
  3. Have your coaches take our convenient online courses.

Classroom courses

The Coaching Principles classroom course is an eight-hour course followed by self-study of the course text, Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition, and a test. The Sport First Aid classroom course, based on the Sport First Aid text, follows the same format, with the exception that it's a four-hour course. Classroom course materials that a coach/student receives at the clinic include a textbook (in print book or e-book format), workbook, and test package.

Classroom courses are taught by certified instructors. Instructors are typically high school athletic directors who oversee coaching education and certification in their districts. Instructors are provided ancillaries (instructor guide and DVD) for conducting the course. Coaches/students have the option of taking the course test online or paper-pencil (graded by Human Kinetics Coach Education). Find out how you can become a certified instructor in Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid.

Online courses

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid are also offered as online courses. Advanced sport-specific courses and Coaching Orientation are only offered as online courses. With the exception of Coaching Orientation, all of our online courses include a textbook. With Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid, the textbooks are available as either print books or e-books. In addition to reading, the online courses feature video clips, interactive exercises, audio clips, quizzes, and other activities that put the coach in real-life practice and game-day situations. Coaches take the course test online and receive immediate results.

As an online course adopter, your organization is provided with a dedicated portal page on our site directing your coaches to the courses they need to take to meet your certification requirements. Feature the portal page link on your organization's website for easy access to courses.

Customize your program

If you qualify, we will work with your association, organization, or district to tailor a program specific to your needs. You select the courses that meet your organization's unique certification requirements. Your program might include a state- or locally-developed course supplement and test. Having a program customized to your needs ensures that your coaches know the regulations applicable in your state or district. Before we get started, we'll need to look at a number of factors (such as number of coaches to be trained), so please contact us at the information below to begin the conversation.

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For more information on adopting our coaching education courses for your association or district, contact:

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