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Welcome American Youth Football and Cheer coaches!

As the exclusive coaching education provider to AYF, ASEP has designed a customized online Coaching Youth Football course specifically for AYF. The course entitled Coaching Youth Football: The AYF Way is now available through a dedicated Web site AYF is establishing a leadership role in youth football by recommending all its coaches to successfully complete the coaching education program.

I couldn't be more excited that AYF is partnering with the American Sport Education Program to develop an online coaching education program for the nearly 90,000 volunteer coaches in all divisions of AYF,” says Joe Galat, president of AYF. "This partnership with ASEP will allow us to arm even more coaches with the resources they need to make the game better for even more youth football players."

We’re delighted to be helping American Youth Football provide a quality coaching education program,” says Jim Schmutz, ASEP executive director. “The opportunity to influence so many coaches to provide a safe and positive sport experience for millions of young athletes fulfills our mission at ASEP.”

Galat served as the content expert for the football online course and co-wrote the recently released fifth edition of Coaching Youth Football, which serves as a supplement to the online course. Course participants read excerpts from the book electronically as they progress through the course’s 11 units. The course includes many interactive exercises that apply and enrich concepts from the book.

The course also includes a handy Coaches’ Clipboard featuring electronic forms, checklists, drill sheets, and sample season and practice plans. Coaches have access to the course and its online resources for an entire year. The course concludes with a 30-question online test that is scored automatically. Coaches can print a certificate of course completion directly from the Web site to document their achievement.

American Youth Football coaches can visit to register for the course. The course price is $24.95, which includes one-year access to the online course and its electronic resources (downloadable PDFs of drills, practice plans, safety checklists, evaluations, and more), test scoring and reporting, a certificate of completion, and certification with AYF. The course also includes $2 million in liability insurance coverage from AYF.

ASEP also worked with American Youth Cheer to develop a customized Coaching Youth Cheerleading: The AYC Way online course that is now available through

Founded in 1996, American Youth Football is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides support services, scholarships, grants, giving back programs and tournaments to over 700,000 participants, 90,000 coaches, and 40,000 administrators in 50 states and several countries worldwide. AYF/AYC is committed to Giving Back and since its inception in 1996, has donated over $15 million dollars in grants and athletic product to communities that support youth football. AYF/AYC was the first national organization to offer all-inclusive football divisions, enabling every child a place to play. For more information visit the Web site at For video highlights, visit