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Welcome CYO Long Island coaches!

Human Kinetics Coach Education is pleased to offer our online course Catholic Coaching Essentials to CYO Long Island coaches. We applaud organizations such as CYO Long Island for their commitment to coaching education.

CYO Long Island coaches are required to take the Catholic Coaching Essentials course.

To purchase Catholic Coaching Essentials, just click on the corresponding online course icon in the table below.

After completing the course, you can print your certificate of course completion directly from the website to document your achievement. Click "Print My Certificate" from the menu found in the lower right hand corner of the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center website.

Contact Information
CYO Long Island 
Contact: Pam LaMonda-Jaffie
Phone: 516-433-1145, ext. 23 

Human Kinetics Coach Education courses required by CYO Long Island:

Catholic Coaching Essentials

Catholic Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course centering on general coaching principles, sport first aid, and team management. At its core is the coach's role as youth minister, who can use sports as a venue to teach Gospel values, instill Christian character, and build community.
Version or Format Notes
Online Course This course can be purchased and taken online.