Indian Nations Football Conference

Welcome Indian Nations Football Conference coaches and administrators for Indian Nations Spirit and Cheer!

Human Kinetics is pleased to provide INSC coaches with quality online training through our Coaching Youth Cheerleading and Coaching Essentials online courses.

Coaching Cheerleaders and Pom Squads in the INSC
The INSC is home to the best youth football, cheerleading, and pom in Oklahoma. The INSC recognizes the efforts, dedication, and importance of coaching youth cheerleaders and pom squads just as it does youth football players. These girls are the spiritual leaders on the battlefield. Lately, the sport of Cheerleading and Pom has experienced remarkable growth not only in recognition but also in the competitive level of the sport. 

INSC cheer coaches have two online training options from which to choose:

  • Coaching Youth Cheerleading PDF - this online course option includes the Coaching Youth Cheerleading book as an electronic PDF accessible from within the online course. No physical book or course materials are sent to you with this option. This course retails for $19.95; no shipping charges apply. 
  • Coaching Youth Cheerleading with book - this online course option includes the PDF as well as a print copy of the Coaching Youth Cheerleading book. The print book will be shipped to you; please allow five to seven business days for shipping. You will however have immediate access to the online course after placing your order. This course retails for $29.95 and shipping charges do apply.

INSC pom coaches have one online training option:

  • Coaching Essentials - This online course option is supplemented by PDF downloads provided within the course. No physical book or course materials are sent to you with this option. This course retails for $19.95; no shipping charges apply.

To purchase your online course, click on the corresponding online course icon in the table at the bottom of the page. Use discount code ASEPINFC to receive 30% off your course purchase. Enter the code in the “promo code” field on the shopping cart page.

Contact Information
Indian Nations Football Conference
Contact: Shara Heimbach
INSC Director
Phone: 918-697-9827

Human Kinetics Coach Education courses offered by Indian Nations Football Conference:

Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course geared toward coaches of athletes age 13 and under participating in a recreational, noncompetitive setting. Coaches will come away from the course with a solid understanding of fundamental coaching concepts and basic coaching responsibilities. 
Version or Format Notes
Online Course This course can be purchased and taken online.

Coaching Youth Cheerleading - PDF

Our lowest-cost alternative for training coaches. Priced at $19.95 retail, this course is delivered entirely online. Our Coaching Youth Cheerleading book is delivered as a series of PDF downloads within the course. Coaches are prompted to read excerpts prior to completing online course units and activities, and can print the PDFs for hard-copy reference. Volume discounts available. To place an order for more than one course, call 800-747-5698. For single orders, click on the icon below.
Version or Format Course Components
Coaching Youth Cheerleading - PDF No ancillaries; reading material is delivered as PDF downloads within the online course