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Welcome Logan University students!

Human KInetics Coach Education is pleased to partner with Logan University to offer our Sport First Aid online course to students serving as intramural sport officials.

You'll need a key code to access the course. Key codes are provided by your administrator (Glen Kemper). The key code "unlocks" your online course.

Instructions for creating an account on the website, having an ID number generated, entering your key code, and accessing your course can be found here. 

Instructions for downloading the Sport First Aid 5E ebook can be found here. Note that the ebook is accessed from within the online course, so you'll need to access the course first before downloading the ebook.

Contact Information
Logan University
Contact: Glen Kemper


Human Kinetics Coach Education online courses offered through Logan University:

Sport First Aid 5th Edition with E-book

Provides high school and club coaches with action steps for the care and prevention of more than 110 sport-related injuries and illnesses. With Sport First Aid, you will be prepared to make critical decisions and respond appropriately when faced with medical emergencies.
Version or Format Notes
Online Course This version of the online course includes the Sport First Aid textbook in e-book format. The e-book is accessible from within the online course.
Instructor-Led Classroom Course With Print Materials