National Association of Police Athletic Leagues

Welcome National PAL coaches and administrators!
Coaching education is paramount to an athlete's successful playing experience. A well-trained and educated coach will make a significant difference in the success and development of a player and a team.

To help provide coaches with competencies necessary to be up to the task, the National Association of Police Athletic Leagues has partnered with the American Sport Education Program to provide online training and certification for our organization's coaches. The National PAL Coaches Education Program courses below are now available.

As the exclusive coaching education provider to National PAL, ASEP is designing branded online coaching courses. The courses carry the endorsement of National PAL, and we strongly urge our coaches to participate.

All National PAL coaches are required to be certified for their specific sport in order to participate in certain National PAL sanctioned tournaments after January 2008. If the sport you are coaching is not listed below, please take the sport-neutral Coaching Essentials online course.

The courses include:
National PAL Coaching Essentials (recommended for coaches of sports for which there is not a sport-specific course)

National PAL Coaching Youth Baseball
National PAL Coaching Youth Basketball
National PAL Coaching Youth Flag Football
National PAL Coaching Youth Tackle Football
National PAL Coaching Youth Soccer
National PAL Coaching Youth Softball
National PAL Coaching Youth Tennis
National PAL Coaching Youth Volleyball
National PAL Coaching Youth Wrestling

"This is an exciting step in developing quality standards for our coaches and volunteers, adding even more credibility to National PAL's championship event and its youth participants," says Mike Dillhyon, National PAL executive director.

To register for any of the online courses, click on the appropriate icon(s) in the table below.

Contact Information
American Sport Education Program
Contact: Jennifer Mulcahey, ASEP Youth Sports Sales Consultant
Phone: 800-747-5698, ext. 2304