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Welcome Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association coaches!

Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association is proud to partner with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) to offer ASEP online courses for training our coaches. It’s the goal of Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association  to ensure that our coaches are the best they can be. And through the educational opportunities afforded to you through ASEP, you’ll be better equipped to manage your team, communicate with players and parents, plan your season and practices, provide technical and tactical skill instruction, and provide the best sport experience possible for you and your athletes.

As a coach, you should have the course completed prior to your first practice. Once you’ve completed your course, you may print/e-mail your transcript and course completion certificate from the ASEP National Coaches Registry. 

Below are some resources that may complement your program.

Wheelchair Sport and Teaching Disability Sport, Second Edition

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ASEP courses offered by Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association:

Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course geared toward coaches of athletes age 13 and under participating in a recreational, noncompetitive setting. Coaches will come away from the course with a solid understanding of fundamental coaching concepts and basic coaching responsibilities. 
Version or Format Notes
Online Course This course can be purchased and taken online.

Coaching Orientation 2E

Gleaning material from the Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills courses, Coaching Orientation provides up-and-coming coaches with the essentials to step on the field for the first time. Clocking in at six hours, Coaching Orientation features interactive exercises, engaging graphics, poignant video vignettes, and quick pace to form a course that is informative, eye-opening, and enjoyable.  
Version or Format Notes
Online Course This course can be purchased and taken online.