This section of the ASEP site is geared toward coaches who need to or have already purchased an ASEP course.

From this page, you can click Buy a Course to visit the Course Catalog and browse and purchase courses.

After you purchase an online course, click Take a Course to read how to begin your online instruction.

You don't have to go through the entire course in one sitting; you can stop and start anywhere you want. Just visit Continue My Courses when you want to resume.

When you complete your online course, you can go right to the test-or take it later. Visit the Continue My Courses page whenever you're ready. You'll also use the Continue My Courses page if you've taken the Coaching Principles Classroom or Sport First Aid Classroom courses but want to take the corresponding test online.

By taking tests online, you'll receive immediate feedback on how well you did, but you can always go to Get Test Results to access your scores. If you didn't do so well, take a retest from the Continue My Courses page. For a complete transcript of courses, click View My Transcript, where you can also print and e-mail a copy of your transcript.

If you've taken one of ASEP's Coaching Youth [Sport] online courses, you have access to the Coaches Clipboard for an entire year. The online clipboard contains printable PDFs of practice plans, drill sheets, sport first aid protocols, and many more checklists and tip sheets introduced throughout the course.