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Coaching Principles

If you currently use the Successful Coaching text or are considering adopting it for your coaching class, you may be interested to know that ASEP offers an entire course—Coaching Principles—that’s based on the text and through which 20,000 coaches receive accreditation each year. Adopt the entire course and invest in a complete program that will save you time and effort, handle many of your administrative tasks, and in many cases offer your students a valuable coaching certification. It all adds up to a comprehensive, challenging curriculum for your students and a convenient administrative solution for you.

Coaching Principles Course Overview

Coaching Principles provides students with a well-rounded, challenging curriculum and user-friendly tools to complete the course. In addition to Successful Coaching, a 450-page text featuring the latest information affecting today’s coaches, the course features the Coaching Principles Workbook that features self-study activities that you can assign as homework or use for in-class discussion points. The final component is the course test, written and ready to go and deliverable in online or paper-based formats. Coaching Principles offers up-and-coming coaches of all sports the foundation essential for being an effective coach.

The course is presented in five main sections: the principles of coaching, behavior, teaching, physical training, and management. Coaching Principles provides the underpinnings of what it takes to be a successful coach, beyond the Xs and Os.

Through this course, students are challenged to do the following:

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Coaching Principles Classroom Student Package

Coaching Principles Workbook, 4th Edition

Coaching Principles

Successful Coaching

Successful Coaching

  • Coaching Principles Classroom Course with Paperback
    ISBN 978-1-4504-3074-6
    Price $70.00 US
  • Coaching Principles Classroom Course with E-book 2012
    ISBN 978-1-4504-3305-1
    Price $60.00 U.S.
  • Coaching Principles Classroom Course student package includes the following:
    • Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition (as print textbook or e-book)
    • Coaching Principles Workbook
    • Coaching Principles Online Component
    • Test package (includes test and scan form)

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State-specific Course Offerings

The ASEP Bronze Level is used in whole or in part by more than 30 state high school athletic associations to credential coaches. A portion of these states—California, Illinois, Virginia, and West Virginia—have an additional state-specific test included with the Coaching Principles course. The association test educates coaches and students about the bylaws and policies of the high school association in their state or local district.

If you’re an instructor in one of these states, we encourage you to use the state-specific course package. This will ensure your students have completed all the certification requirements for coaching in your state. For information about the Coaching Principles course package in your state, contact your sales representative.

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Instructor Materials Make Preparation Easy

To facilitate ease of course delivery and ensure consistent delivery of content, instructors sign an instructor agreement and receive complimentary instructor ancillaries, including an instructor guide and DVD. Visit the Coaching Principles product-specific web page at for more information on instructor ancillaries.

Coaching Principles Instructor Guide, 4th Edition

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Online? Of Course!

ASEP continues to receive many inquiries about the availability of Coaching Principles as an online course. The answer is an emphatic yes!

Many colleges and universities are requiring departments to implement technological components into their curricula. Coaching Principles online course is ready to go, is hosted on ASEP servers, and uses the same textbook and test as the classroom course.

ASEP suggests a blended teaching approach when offering the online course, which employs a combination of online course material and classroom interaction. In a typical scenario, the instructor brings the students into the classroom every couple of weeks to keep them on task, have discussions, answer questions, and assign additional papers or outside activities.

Coaching Principles Online Course

Coaching Principles
Online Course

  • Coaching Principles Online Course with Paperback
    ISBN 978-1-4504-3050-0
    Price $70.00 U.S.
  • Coaching Principles Online Course with E-book
    ISBN 978-1-4504-3307-5
    Price $60.00 U.S.

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Getting Started

To teach an ASEP course at your college or university, you will first sign an instructor agreement and receive the accompanying instructor guide and DVD. The instructor agreement and resources ensure that all students, at clinics or on campus, receive the same, high-quality ASEP coaching education and certification.

Each of your students is required to purchase a new course packet, which includes the course textbook (or e-book), classroom workbook (classroom course only), and ASEP test packet. Again, this step ensures consistent education and allows ASEP to recognize each student who successfully completes the course.

Take the first step and contact ASEP to receive an instructor agreement. Please contact your higher education sales representative to get started.

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