The ASEP Professional Education Program provides comprehensive courses and resources for those who seek to become coaches in high school, college and university, Olympic, and competitive club-sport programs for athletes 14 years of age and older.

The program is geared toward educating the entire coach. Courses include Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills. To receive the ASEP Bronze Level credential, coaches must complete these courses (CPR certification is also required through a nationally recognized provider).

Nearly 40 state high school associations, 200 colleges and universities, and 13 national governing bodies currently use, require, or recommend Bronze Level in whole or in part to meet coaching education requirements for their organizations. The Bronze Level sets the standard for coaching education and offers coaches the opportunity to enhance their on-field experience and professional development.

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid are offered as classroom courses, taught by certified instructors, and as online courses. The Coaching Principles Classroom course consists of an eight-hour course followed by self-study of the course text, Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition, and a test. The Sport First Aid Classroom course follows the same format, with the exception that it begins with a four-hour course.

Coaches may also complete the online versions of Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid. These online courses provide a convenient way for coaches to learn at their own pace and on a schedule that's right for them. Each online course includes a copy of the text: Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition for Coaching Principles, or Sport First Aid, Fourth Edition. In this interactive environment, coaches read sections of the book, view video clips, and participate in virtual exercises that simulate classroom learning and put the coach in practice and game-day situations. Coaches take the course test online and receive immediate results.

Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills courses are sport-specific "Xs and Os" courses that are offered exclusively online. These courses provide coaches with technical and tactical skills instruction, as well as two options for how to teach them: the traditional approach and the games approach. Courses for baseball, basketball, football, softball, and tennis are currently available.

For coaches who have completed the Bronze Level or who are looking for more advanced coaching resources, the ASEP For Coaches series of texts is the next level of professional development. Sport Mechanics for Coaches, Sport Physiology for Coaches, Sport Psychology for Coaches, Sport Skill Instruction for Coaches, and Sport Nutrition for Coaches are written by leading experts and present advanced concepts and best practices in the respective areas of study.

For more information on adopting the ASEP Professional Coaches Education Program, visit How to Offer ASEP Courses.