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Officiating Principles, Second Edition

This course is a self-paced online course designed to be taken by individual coaches and officials.

This e-course will help you learn the principles of officiating, including communication skills, decision making, and conflict management. You’ll also learn to develop an officiating philosophy, officiating style, and goals. It's essential preparation for the new or inexperienced official.

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Course Format

The Officiating Principles course includes the second edition of the book Successful Sports Officiating and a course-access instruction letter. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for these items to be shipped to you.

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Full Course Description

There’s a lot more to officiating than just knowing the rules. Communication, teamwork, decision making, and conflict resolution are just some of the skills that officials need in addition to what’s found in the rules book.

Now officials can turn to the Internet to gain a thorough understanding of officiating fundamentals in a convenient format. Officiating Principles brings the training to your desktop, helping you to do these tasks:

  • Learn about officiating past and present (unit 1)
  • Consider officiating as a lifetime career (unit 2)
  • Determine your officiating style (unit 3)
  • Set and achieve professional goals (unit 4)
  • Communicate effectively with other officials, coaches, and athletes (unit 5)
  • Develop your decision-making skills (unit 6)
  • Implement mental training strategies in your officiating regimen (unit 7)
  • Manage conflict effectively (unit 8)
  • Be aware of the principles of personal fitness (unit 9)
  • Create a personal fitness plan (unit 10)
  • Understand your legal responsibilities (unit 11)
  • Explain your legal rights and business responsibilities (unit 12)
  • Manage your time wisely (unit 13)

When you register for the course, you'll receive the second edition of the book Successful Sports Officiating in the mail. During the course, you’ll refer to the book to complete course segments. In addition to the reading material, audio and video vignettes are featured throughout the course, as well as interactive activities and quizzes. This dynamic format presents an engaging educational experience that places you in challenging real-life game situations. You’ll take the course exam online and receive immediate results.

Those who pass the course are automatically entered into the ASEP National Officials Registry, an online database of officials that allows state high school associations, athletic administrators, and officials to track and verify officials’ credentials.

With the Officiating Principles online course, you’ll be prepared, confident, and motivated to officiate high school contests.

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Audience:  Professional Officials

Level: Professional Bronze