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Coaching Principles

This course is a self-paced online course designed to be taken by individual coaches.

This online self-paced course includes the printed text Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition. Geared toward high school and club-level coaches (those who coach athletes age 14 and older), the 20-unit online course challenges coaches to define their coaching philosophy, objectives, and style; enhance communication and motivational skills; become more effective teachers; and improve team, relationship, risk, and self-management skills. Coaching Principles covers the fundamentals of being a successful coach—on and off the field.

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Course Format

Coaching Principles Online course includes the Successful Coaching print text, access to the online course and its downloadable documents (including the Coaching Successfully Manual), and the 100-question online test. Please allow five to seven business days for your course materials to be shipped to you.

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Full Course Description

Being a successful coach is an enormous challenge. School administrators, parents, athletes, and entire communities all have high expectations of today’s coaches. Good intentions are not enough for success; you need all the knowledge you can get. Most seasoned coaches have learned the skills of coaching through years of trial and error. The Human Kinetics Coach Education course Coaching Principles course helps new coaches shorten that learning process—and reduce the painful errors—by teaching the principles of coaching based on the sport sciences and the wisdom of successful coaches.

In developing Coaching Principles 30 years ago, sport psychologist and Human Kinetics founder Rainer Martens conducted extensive research on youth sports and concluded that the most effective way to change the culture of sport and positively influence athletes is through coaching education. This training was revolutionary three decades ago and is absolutely necessary today.

The Coaching Principles course is based on the text Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition, written by Martens. The Coaching Principles course has been updated and enhanced to reflect the new content featured in the latest edition of Successful Coaching. With this version of the online course, you will be sent a print copy of the text. 

This online self-paced course is geared toward high school and club-level coaches (those who coach athletes aged 14 and older). The 20-unit online course challenges coaches to define their coaching philosophy, objectives, and style; enhance communication and motivational skills; become more effective teachers; and improve team, relationship, risk, and self-management skills. Coaching Principles covers the fundamentals of being a successful coach—on and off the field.

The updated and enhanced Coaching Principles course includes new information on bullying and hazing; social media; nutrition guidelines regarding creatine, energy drinks, caffeine, and hydration; and methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse and drug testing.

All-new video clips—totaling more than 90 minutes—depict real-life scenarios coaches deal with on a daily basis. The video also features roundtable discussions with experienced master coaches who provide practical guidelines and sage advice for new coaches on a variety of topics.

Another new feature of the course is the Coaching Successfully Manual. This downloadable, editable document can serve as your foundation for creating a comprehensive guide for the administration of your sport program. In addition to housing documents found in the course, the manual contains real-life examples of team policies, mission statements, coaching philosophies, and booster-club bylaws that you can use as is or modify to your program’s needs. This dynamic document will be helpful to you, your assistant coaches, and your support staff as your program evolves over the years. 

Coaching Principles also introduces a number of interactive exercises, including the Developmental Dozen, which are 12 goals that prepare coaches for the demands that they will face in developing athletes. At the conclusion of each course unit, coaches are encouraged to compile notes related to each of the 12 goals associated with the unit.

As you progress through the online course, you will be asked to read sections of the Successful Coaching text; participate in interactive exercises; watch video and listen to audio clips; refer to and complete a variety of self-assessments, forms, and checklists; and take unit quizzes. The course concludes with a 100-question online test. All of these elements combine to make the Coaching Principles Online course an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Coaching Principles Online Course Outline

Part I Principles of Coaching
Unit 1 Developing Your Coaching Philosophy
Unit 2 Determining Your Coaching Objectives
Unit 3 Selecting Your Coaching Style
Unit 4 Coaching for Character
Unit 5 Coaching Diverse Athletes

Part II Principles of Behavior
Unit 6 Communicating With Your Athletes
Unit 7 Motivating Your Athletes
Unit 8 Managing Your Athletes’ Behavior

Part III Principles of Teaching
Unit 9 The Games Approach
Unit 10 Teaching Technical Skills
Unit 11 Teaching Tactical Skills
Unit 12 Planning for Teaching

Part IV Principles of Physical Training
Unit 13 Training Basics
Unit 14 Training for Energy Fitness
Unit 15 Training for Muscular Fitness
Unit 16 Fueling Your Athletes
Unit 17 Battling Drugs

Part V Principles of Management
Unit 18 Managing Your Team
Unit 19 Managing Relationships
Unit 20 Managing Risk


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