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Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills

This course is a self-paced online course designed to be taken by individual coaches.

The course is designed to help coaches learn how to teach the technical and tactical skills of football and is suitable for high school coaches, serious club coaches, undergraduate students, and advanced coaches at the youth level.

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Full Course Description

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) brings the gridiron to the desktop with Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills online course, a newly released online course designed for football coaches of youth age 14 and older.

The course draws content from the book, Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills, written by ASEP in conjunction with Rob Ash, head football coach at Drake University, and the American Football Coaches Association. Coach Ash also served as a content expert for the online course.

The course is designed to help coaches learn how to teach the technical and tactical skills of football and is suitable for high school coaches, serious club coaches, undergraduate students, and advanced coaches at the youth level.

In this course you will learn how to

  • explain the relationship and difference between technical and tactical skills, and describe the traditional and games approaches to football practice (unit 1);
  • evaluate technical and tactical football skills in your players, and make use of your evaluation results (unit 2);
  • prepare effective season plans and individual practice plans (units 3 and 4);
  • prepare far in advance for the season and each game (unit 5);
  • apply and teach the basic and intermediate offensive, defensive and special teams technical and tactical skills needed for your team’s success (game units);
  • incorporate key focal points and error detection and correction principles into your coaching (game units); and
  • recognize various signals given by officials during the game (signals unit).


The course is delivered online, and as coaches progress through the course, they are asked to read portions of the Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills book and view video clips to complete course units. Coaches will learn about different approaches to coaching, including the games approach (an alternative to drills-based coaching); develop a season plan and a series of practice plans; and improve their ability to coach during games.

The course is heavy on skill demonstration and error detection and correction. Through a partnership with Dartfish, ASEP has incorporated aspects of the Dartish video technology into the course. Coaches can break down football technical and tactical skills by viewing Dartfish football "media books" that allow users to view video frame by frame.

The course concludes with "The Big Game," an interactive exercise designed to simulate game situations. Coaches are taken through game sequences—special teams, offense, and defense—illustrating techniques and tactics stressed throughout the course. Coaches view video clips as they progress through the exercise to enhance the concepts being taught.

Other features include "Coaching Aids," a storehouse of printable PDF documents that are incorporated throughout the course. These include practice plans, sport first aid checklists, and drill sheets. Coaches have access to the clipboard even after they've completed the course for up to one year. The course also features a separate section devoted to football officiating signals.

After completing the course units, coaches take the 40-question course test online and receive immediate results. Coaches who successfully complete the course are automatically entered into ASEP's National Coaches Registry, an online listing of coaches who've completed ASEP courses. Sport administrators have access to the registry, allowing them to track coaches' course completion and certifications with minimal time and effort. Coaches' certifications are valid for three years and are renewable by taking additional ASEP courses.

The course fee includes the Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills book, access to the online course and test, one-year access to the course including Coaching Aids (PDF downloads), automatic scoring, certificate of course completion, and entry in the ASEP National Coaches Registry.


$70.00 each
ISBN: 9780736090124, I0003
ISBN13: 9780736090124
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