When parents fulfill their responsibilities and lend their support to their child’s team or program, everyone benefits. Now let’s learn about your role in leading parents down a responsible path.

As program director, you lead the organization to which parents entrust their children for a positive sport experience. In an ideal world, parents will use your capable leadership to exemplify their own responsibilities to their children and to the team.

Your responsibilities to parents include

  • providing excellent leadership for a safe, beneficial, enjoyable sport program;
  • educating parents about their responsibilities; and
  • communicating the specifics of your program.

The SportParent program, which we’ll discuss later in this unit, will guide you through ways to put these responsibilities into practice. First, let’s consider an unpleasant reality that you may have to face as a sports director—the problem parent.

Directing Youth Sports Programs  online course by ASEP, 2006, Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
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