Q: How do online courses work?

A: Human Kinetics Coach Education online courses are self-paced learning experiences. You receive your student resource materials either through the online course (in the case of e-book and PDF courses) or through the mail (if the course includes print textbook), complete the online course, and take an online test, all without the interaction of an instructor.

Human Kinetics Coach Education online courses consist of an online study guide (which directs you through a series of interactive learning experiences to help you understand and use the course content) as well as a variety of supplemental student resource materials including PDF downloads, printed texts, or e-books (these vary by course, and not all courses include supplemental resource materials). As you progress through the online course, you will be prompted to read sections of the text before completing course units. You will receive instant feedback on the answers you provide throughout the course.

The online course is designed to put you in game and practice situations and to give you a meaningful opportunity to interact with the subject matter in a way that facilitates your learning. We develop our courses by teaming the best content experts in the field with our curriculum designers to create a powerful learning experience for you.

When you're ready to register for a course, mouse over the "Courses" tab on the home page and select "shop for an online course." Find the course you wish to register for and click on the accompanying icon. After reviewing the information, you may proceed through the online purchasing process. If you're taking a course(s) to fulfill a coaching education requirement for a specific organization, please be sure that you purchase the correct version of the course(s) you need to complete by selecting the name of your organization from the drop-down menu provided on the course page. Here's what to expect once you've registered:

Courses with printed text

If you order an online course that includes a printed textbook or other ancillaries, we'll send you the student resource materials in the mail. You should receive the materials within five to seven business days. At the same time, you will have immediate access to your course and test. The ancillary material will assist you in the successful completion of the course and test, so we recommend that you wait until these resources reach you before you launch into the course. Instructions for accessing your course will be included with your print materials.

Courses with e-book

If you order an online course that includes an e-book, you will have immediate access to your course and e-book. To access the e-book, you will first navigate to your online course. Featured within your online course (under the Resources tab) is a link to the e-book download section of the Human Kinetics website. From there you will download the Adobe Digital Editions software (free download) and subsequently your e-book to your home computer or laptop. From there, you can transfer the e-book to a hand-held device.

Note: For the state of California (CIF), there is a state-specific component included with the course Coaching Principles Online Course with E-book for which print materials will be shipped to you. Please allow five to seven business days for shipping.

Courses with PDF-based reading

If you order a single copy of a Coaching Youth Sport Online Course - PDF, you will be e-mailed an instruction sheet for accessing the course. If you are a sport administrator who orders multiple PDF courses to distribute to your coaches, you will be e-mailed a spreadsheet containing key codes, a list of instructions for distributing key codes, and an instruction sheet that you will provide to your coaches on how to access the course.

To gain immediate access to your course

If you ordered your course through the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center website or by telephone or mail, you may access the course and test immediately. Select "Continue My Course" from the menu on the home page to begin your online course or to access your test. Sign on with the e-mail address and password that you used when purchasing your course and follow the online instructions for taking the course. If you ordered a course that includes print ancillaries that need to be shipped to you, we recommend you wait for these resources to reach you before you submerse yourself fully in the course content.


Courses with key codes

If your course was purchased by your organization, or if you purchased your online course from a third party, such as a college or an academic bookstore, your key code is enclosed with your course materials or will be given to you by your instructor.

If you received your course from a third party, you will need to enter your key code to access the online course and test. To use the key code, select the "Continue My Course." tab from the home page. You'll be asked to sign on with your e-mail address and password. Enter your key code on this screen. You must enter your key code (including hyphens) exactly as it is presented on the key code letter. If you have trouble entering the key code or receive an error message, contact keycodesupport@hkusa.com. After you enter your key code, you will never need to enter it again for that course.

The "Continue My Course" page will now be updated so that you may enter the course and test at any time. Just click on the course name to access the course or the "Test" link to access the test.

Tests, retests, and course completion

A passing score for our tests is 80%. If you fail a test, you may purchase a retest for $10. To purchase a retest, click the “buy retest” link on your “Continue My Course” page. Once your retest order is processed, you will have immediate access to your retest. Please note that our online tests are randomized, meaning that the retest questions will not be the same or in the same order as the questions on your initial test. No two online course tests are exactly alike.

After passing a test, you may click the “Details” link on the “Continue My Course” page to view the results from your test, print a certificate of course completion, or e-mail a copy of the results to yourself.

In addition, if you are a coach, you will be entered into the National Coaches Registry https://www.asep.com/registry_coaches/coaches.cfm. If you are an official, you will be included in the National Officials Registry https://www.asep.com/registry_officials/officials.cfm. The registries are online listings of coaches and officials who have completed Human Kinetics Coach Education courses. Administrators use these listings to verify courses taken and certifications earned.

Q: How do I contact technical support?

A:Technical support for online courses or software is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (U.S. Central Time). Click here to submit a technical support e-mail request. Or call 217-351-5076, extension 2940. Please provide the following information:

  1. The type of hardware you are using
  2. The operating system you are using
  3. The exact wording of the error message(s) or the message number(s) appearing on screen
  4. A complete description of what happened and what you were doing when the error message appeared
  5. An explanation of how you tried to solve the problem
  6. The type of browser you use
  7. Your modem speed

Or if you would like to submit your request electronically, please click here to fill out a support form online.

For assistance or questions regarding your key code access, click here.

Q: How do I get my test results?

A: You can find this information by going to the "Get Test Results" tab on the home page.

Q: How do I print my course completion certificate and transcript?

A: From the home page, click on the "Print my Certificate" tab and sign in using your e-mail address and password. On the next screen, click on the printer icon that appears to the right of the course(s) you've passed. Click the print tab on the next screen.

Q: If I failed the test for a course (classroom or online), how do I retake the test?

A: A passing score is 80%. If you fail, for a nominal fee you can order a retest. Please note that the retest you receive will contain a totally different set of questions from the first test you took, so you will need to complete the entire test. We have developed multiple iterations of the classroom course test, and the online course test is completely randomized, so you'll never get the same test twice.

Q: How long do I have to submit my classroom or online test?

A: You have one year from the date you attended your classroom course or first logged on to your online course.

Q: How do I become a certified Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid instructor?

A: The process for becoming a certified instructor consists of attending an in-person instructor training session, participating in a live instructor training webinar, or viewing a recorded instructor training webinar; completing the course you wish to teach; and reviewing the instructor materials. Click here for more information. process for certification.

Q: Will the test that I received in my Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid course package be the same whether I take the test paper-pencil or online?

A: The answer to this question is no. You may be tempted to complete the "bubble sheet" test and then go to submit your answers online. However, If you do, you'll find that your online test is different than the paper-pencil test.

Why? There are three versions of the Coaching Principles classroom test, and each version has 100 questions. Of these 300 total questions, none is like any other, so there are 300 unique questions. Tests that are taken online are randomly generated from this pool of 300 questions. Because of this random generation, virtually every online test is unique, and no two online tests will have the same questions. Moreover, no online test will have the same questions as any version of the classroom test. The same situation is true for Sport First Aid, except that the Sport First Aid test has 75 questions (not 100), and the total number of Sport First Aid questions is 225 (not 300).

Though the online tests are randomly generated, each will cover the same content covered in the classroom test, and each will have the same number of multiple choice and true false questions included in the classroom test.

The primary purpose of randomly generating the online tests is to minimize the risk of participants sharing or posting answers. The same is true for having three versions of the classroom test.

Another potential problem is with key codes. If you took the classroom version of the course, you have the option of taking your test using a scan form (paper-based) or taking your test online. In your course packet, you received a key code. This code is unique to you and identifies you as the test-taker. If you decide to take the paper version of the test (scan form), you need to enter this code on your scan form. If you decide to take the test online, you need to enter your key code prior to accessing the online test.

A problem arises when, after you decide to take the test online, you discover the online test is different from the classroom test, and you abort your online test in favor of the classroom test and scan form. Because you entered your key code to access the online test, your key code will show "invalid" in our system when your paper test is scanned. The system recognizes your key code as having already been used. Though this problem is fixable, it will cause delays in processing your test and notifying you of your score.

Q: What is the return policy on courses?

A: You can read the return policy here.