Classroom instruction: the preferred learning environment

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid classroom courses are driven by our nationwide network of instructors, who have always been central to the program's success. We remain committed to classroom instruction today. For many high school athletic directors and coaches, an in-person coaching clinic, typically delivered in a weekend session, is the preferred place for learning. The classroom environment affords participants the unique opportunity to interact with and ask questions of instructors, share experiences with fellow coaches, and build camaraderie. Classroom instruction, in comparison to its online counterpart, also affords athletic directors the comfort of knowing when, where, and how coaches are taught. For these reasons, many are going "old school" and returning to classroom instruction.

Hundreds of colleges and universities have adopted our courses as part of coaching and physical education programs. In the higher education setting, Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid are delivered as semester-long courses using instructor ancillaries. Visit the Successful Coaching page on the Human Kinetics website for more information on higher education text and course adoption information, as well as access to instructor ancillaries.

If you are an ASEP-certified instructor, we thank you for the work you do in preparing tomorrow's coaches to be effective teachers, trainers, and leaders of up-and-coming coaches and to navigate the ever-increasing challenges that coaches face.

From this area of the site, you can access numerous online tools to assist you with the preparation, delivery, and reporting of your coaching clinics or classes:

New classroom course instructor materials available now!

Instructor materials for the latest editions of Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses are now available.

If you are a certified instructor who teaches Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid in a clinic setting primarily to high school coaches, sign in here to access the electronic versions (PDFs) of the new instructor guides and workbooks (previously titled Classroom Study Guides).

You will also have the opportunity to access the accompanying course textbooks in e-book format. E-books are delivered in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) format and are viewable on a PC or laptop.

Feel free to download the Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid instructor materials and familiarize yourself with the content prior to teaching the new courses.

Print versions of the instructor materials - including the classroom DVD - will be shipped to you with your first order for the new classroom course packages.

View the list of frequently asked questions for more information on the transition to the new Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses.