Sport First Aid, Fourth Edition Transition and FAQ

Author: ASEP Marketing


Thank you for being an instructor of the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Sport First Aid course at your school or association. The course is instrumental in equipping tomorrow’s coaches with the information they need to make quick decisions and accurate responses to injuries on the field of play. We commend you for making this potentially life-saving course available to your coaches or students.

It’s in the interest of keeping current with the latest first-aid techniques and practices that ASEP has updated our Sport First Aid course materials for the school session beginning fall 2008. Now available are the fourth edition of Sport First Aid, written by Melinda Flegel, as well as updated instructor resources that accompany the course, including the Sport First Aid Instructor Guide, Sport First Aid Classroom Study Guide, Sport First Aid Classroom DVD, and test packet.

In order to present the most up-to-date information available regarding the care and prevention of athletic injuries to your coaches or students, we encourage you to get the updated materials as soon as possible. If you plan to offer the Sport First Aid course this fall, or any time in the future, contact Professional Education Services at 800-747-5698 or, and we’ll coordinate the shipment of updated instructor materials to you free of charge.

If you would like to experience the updated Sport First Aid online course (at no charge to you), contact Jerry Reeder (scholastic sports) at 800-747-5698, ext. 2325 or; or Don Flynn (higher education) at ext. 2316 or, to request reviewer access to the course. Please provide your name and e-mail address.

We understand that some of our Sport First Aid instructors still have third edition course packets in inventory. If you’re one of them, you have a few options; please refer to the list of frequently asked questions at the end of this letter to determine your best course of action.

At this same time, we’d like to introduce you to another new course that ASEP is developing and introducing for the fall semester: CPR/AED for Coaches. This course is a blended course requiring participants to complete roughly two hours of online instruction prior to attending a two-hour hands-on clinic demonstrating CPR and AED technique. With many schools and sport organizations now requiring coaches to have CPR and AED training, this course fulfills that requirement and is the perfect complement to Sport First Aid. In fact, we’re bundling the online portion of CPR/AED for Coaches with Sport First Aid at no additional cost.

We are currently assembling a network of CPR/AED for Coaches instructors, and the logical first candidates are our current Sport First Aid instructors. Are you interested in offering this course? Would you also be interested in training other instructors? If your answer is yes to either one, contact Jerry Reeder (scholastic sports) at or Don Flynn (higher education) at to find out more about becoming certified to teach this course.

Again, thank you for selecting the ASEP Sport First Aid course, and please confirm with us your plans for teaching the course this fall. When you do, we’ll be glad to send you the complimentary instructor materials.

Frequently asked questions regarding the ASEP Sport First Aid Fourth Edition course

Q: I have Sport First Aid Third Edition course packets in inventory. What are my options?
A: For the time being, you may use your current inventory of third edition course packets in teaching the course. Your students will have until June 30, 2009, to submit their test to ASEP. This is the preferred option as it will save you the cost of shipping the packets back to us.
A: You may return any unopened packets to ASEP in exchange for new course packets (if the exchange is made within one year of the original purchase).
A: You may return any unopened packets to ASEP for a full refund (if the return is made within one year of the original purchase).

Q: May I continue to teach the course using the third edition resources?
A: Yes, you may continue to teach the course using the third edition resources. To ensure your coaches receive the most current information, ASEP will make the fourth edition updates available as a PDF that you can duplicate and distribute to coaches who attend your clinics. We’ll also post the updates on the ASEP Web site.

Q: Can I still purchase third edition course packets?
A: As soon as the fourth edition materials are available, which is expected to be mid-July, we will no longer sell the third edition course materials.

Q: How long will the third edition test be accepted?
A: Coaches who will or have taken the third edition version of the course will need to submit their course test by June 30, 2009. Beginning July 1, 2009, only fourth edition tests will be accepted.

Q: Have course prices changed with the introduction of the new course?
A: No, course prices remain at $65 for Sport First Aid classroom course packets, and $95 for the online course.