29 ASEP Instructors Trained in Pennsylvania

Author: ASEP Marketing


Under the direction of Gerry Schwille, President and Coaching Education Committee Chairman for the Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association (PSADA), 29 ASEP Coaching Principles instructors were trained during the association's annual meeting in March.

"All of us serving on the PSADA coaches education committee feel ASEP is the best program out there for training scholastic coaches," says Schwille. "ASEP has been around for 30 years, has a proven track record of success, and its courses include supplemental materials - highlighted by Rainer's Successful Coaching book - that are invaluable to coaches." Schwille feels classroom instruction is the best option for PSADA. "Our preference is to train coaches in the classroom," he says. "The interaction between coaches and instructors we feel is a vital part of the learning experience, something you just don't get from online courses."

As a testament to its support of classroom instruction, PSADA conducted an instructor training session in March at which 29 new ASEP instructors were trained. "We've made a commitment to reach out to our members in all 12 districts to further coaching education throughout the state," says Schwille. "Our goal is to train 10 to 12 instructors per district - a total of 100 to 120 new instructors statewide - to establish a solid instructor base for delivering the classroom courses." It's an ambitious goal aimed at attaining an even higher goal: a statewide coaching education mandate. "When our instructor base is firmly in place, we'll approach the Pennsylvania Department of Education with a recommendation to require coaching education of all scholastic coaches," Schwille says.

Schwille plans on the March instructor-training session being an annual event. He also hopes to further the instructor network by enlisting university faculty as instructors.

"Our aim at PSADA is to train as many coaches as possible to ensure our kids have the best sport experience possible."