Playing it Safe

Author: ASEP Marketing


We all recognize the positive benefits our kids derive from participating in sports: teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship, social development, physical fitness, and sheer enjoyment.

But with each sport comes inherent risks. Running, sliding, pitching, hitting, blocking, tackling, kicking, question kids are at risk, at practice and in the game.

Millions of kids are injured playing sports annually, with many of the injuries being preventable. Each year, the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation designates April as its National Youth Sports Safety Month in an effort to inform, educate, and prevent injuries from occurring.

Coaches play a vital role in this effort. This month's free download "Coaches' Nine Legal Duties" provides coaches with action steps for establishing a safe playing environment for players. It's taken from Successful Coaching, written by ASEP founder Rainer Martens. You'll just need to complete a short form to access the free download. As a sport administrator, you're encouraged to distribute a copy to each of your coaches.

While you're accessing the download, take a look at the video "Managing Risk," taken from ASEP's Coaching Principles course, highlighting the main points brought out in "Coaches' Nine Legal Duties."

How safe are your sport programs? Take the National Youth Sports Foundation's safety quiz to find out. You'll find the quiz underscores the need for coaching education for our volunteer coaches. ASEP Volunteer Coaches Education Program courses address virtually every checkpoint in the quiz. Each of our Coaching Youth Sport online courses contains an entire unit on first aid training, and our new CPR/AED for Coaches course provides training on CPR and AED administration geared especially to coaches and offers a two-year certification through the American Safety and Health Institute. To find out more on how you can implement ASEP training in your sport programs, contact Jennifer Mulcahey at 800-747-5698, ext. 2304 or

For even more comprehensive first-aid training, ASEP's Sport First Aid course provides coaches with action steps for being competent first responders.

If you are a sport administrator interested in adopting the ASEP coaching training program and would like to review any of our online courses at no charge, contact Jennifer Mulcahey at