Combating Heat-Related Illnesses Subject of Free ASEP Webinar

Author: ASEP Marketing


With annual two-a-day football practices in full swing, the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) offered a free Webinar, "Combating Heat-Related Illnesses," Wednesday, August 11, from 12:00 to 1:00 central time.

Click here to view the recorded presentation.

The Webinar was led by John Storsved, HSD, ATC, and was attended by coaches, athletic administrators, and athletic trainers interested in knowing more about how to recognize, treat, and prevent heat-related illnesses in athletes.

The webinar agenda included the following:

I. Discuss the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms
II. Explain the role of hydration in temperature regulation
III. Describe the mechanisms, signs, and symptoms of exertional heat illnesses and return-to-participation guidelines
IV. Explain first-aid care for exertional heat illnesses
V. Heat illness prevention strategies including acclimatization and adequate hydration, including how to monitor hydration

This was the first in the ASEP Successful Coaching Webinar Series. ASEP’s aim is to offer a webinar each month in the coming months on a variety of sport-related issues, which include concussions and nutrition. Watch the ASEP Web site for further details on upcoming webinars.

About the Webinar Presenter
John Storsved earned his degree as Doctor of Health and Safety from Indiana University. He has been a certified athletic trainer for 19 years, 12 years working directly with high school athletics. He is assistant professor of athletic training at Eastern Illinois University and certified athletic trainer, Carle Foundation Hospital, contracted to Unity (Tolono, IL) High School.