Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance ASEP Webinar

Author: ASEP Marketing


The latest entry in the ASEP Successful Coaching Webinar Series, “Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance,” clears away the misconceptions and sheds light on proven strategies for fueling and hydrating athletes to perform at their best.

The Webinar was held September 15, and is now available for viewing.

Webinar presenters Heidi Skolnik and Andrea Chernus are renowned sport nutritionists and have worked alongside today’s top athletes, including professional football players and elite marathoners. They presented the latest dietetic research with practical advice that coaches and athletes can use to create a personalized action plan based on the needs of the body and the sport. You’ll see how certain nutrients in precise amounts at specific times can improve consistency of energy, speed recovery, increase the building effects of strength training, diminish muscle breakdown, improve immune function, and minimize risk of injury in athletes. For optimal results in training and competition, it’s all about consuming the right foods at the right time.