ASEP Coaching Orientation Online Course Earns NCACE Accreditation

Author: ASEP Marketing


The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) online course Coaching Orientation recently was awarded Level 3 accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE).

“NCACE is pleased to have worked with ASEP on the accreditation of their Coaching Orientation online course. We are especially pleased ASEP believes accrediting their courses is part of their overall process to deliver quality coaching education services to sport coaches,” stated Christopher Hickey, NCACE executive director.

ASEP is one of only 17 NCACE accredited programs overall and just the second online coaching education program to be accredited by NCACE.

“NCACE accreditation validates our position as a leading provider of coach education. We take pride in delivering quality online coach education to coaches across America and Coaching Orientation provides an excellent introduction to first time coaches as precursor to our more in-depth Coaching Principles and Sports First Aid courses,” said ASEP executive director, Jim Schmutz.

Coaching Orientation is a new online course developed by ASEP, providing up-and-coming coaches with the essentials to step on the field for the first time. Accepted by over 30 state high school associations as meeting state coaching education requirements, Coaching Orientation features content gleaned from ASEP long-standing coaching education industry standards Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid, as well as from ASEP sport-specific Coaching Technical and Tactical Skills courses. Coaching Orientation’s six units span such topics as coaching philosophy and style, sport pedagogy, sport management, sport first aid, season and practice planning, and teaching technical and tactical skills. Interactive exercises, Flash graphics, video vignettes, unit quizzes, and online test combine to offer an engaging online learning experience. A seventh unit can be added to the course for organizations wishing to customize the course with content unique to state or local bylaws, rules, or policies. To date, customized Coaching Orientation courses have been developed for the California Interscholastic Federation, Illinois High School Association, and Virginia High School League.

NCACE, founded in 2000, is committed to bringing the National Standards for Sport Coaches to full fruition. These standards serve as the foundation of the NCACE mission to promote quality coaching education for all practicing and prospective coaches. The National Standards address coaching skills and knowledge needed in the following domains:

- Injuries: Prevention, Care, and Management
- Risk Management
- Growth, Development, and Learning
- Training, Conditioning, and Nutrition
- Social/Psychological Aspects of Coaching
- Skills, Tactics, and Strategies
- Teaching and Administrative Aspects
- Professional Preparation and Development

The standards serve as the cornerstone for quality coaching and provide the basis for the NCACE coaching education guidelines, which address aspects of coaching education programs needed to help coaches learn the skills and knowledge stated in the national standards. The coaching education guidelines outline the administrative support, personnel, and operational policies needed to provide coaching education.

The National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) promotes and facilitates coaching competence within all levels of amateur sport by overseeing and evaluating the quality of coaching education programs. In addition, NCACE endorses comprehensive standards for sport practitioners, including: volunteer, interscholastic, collegiate, and elite coaches. Through accreditation, NCACE provides leadership and guidance to coaching education providers, sport administrators, and the public regarding the knowledge, values, and skills of effective coaches.