ASEP Coaches’ Workshops Facilitate Coach Interaction

Author: ASEP Marketing


With turnover of coaches and hiring of non-teacher coaches both on the rise, athletic directors face increasing challenges in managing their coaching staffs. These factors prove especially problematic for new athletic directors, who may not be in tune with all the policies, procedures, and by-laws related to their athletic programs and coach certification. Community coaches pose additional challenges, as they’re not “in the building” and don’t benefit from the daily contact afforded faculty-coaches.

All of these factors point to the importance of conducting coaches’ meetings. Bringing together faculty and non-faculty, veteran and new coaches alike for a pre-season or pre-school-year meeting to review coaching philosophies, policies and procedures; explain general dos and don’ts; provide training for those coaches who need certification; and address and discuss points of emphasis for the coming season and year will go a long way toward ensuring everyone is in compliance and on the same page.

A new tool developed by ASEP, the ASEP Coaches’ Workshop, makes conducting these meetings easy, efficient, and relevant. In the role as workshop facilitator, you’ll have access to materials—many of them free of charge—that will assist you in running your meeting, including a facilitator guide, sample workshop agenda, individual course units from our Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses, activity handouts, teaching guidelines, and more. With this menu of resources, you have total flexibility for structuring the workshop to your specific needs.

The workshop provides you with an opportunity to create an interactive environment to enhance the online education that some new coaches may require. Equally important, the classroom format allows you to convene a meeting for all your coaches where new coaches benefit directly from experienced coaches who share their insight. By requiring the entire staff to attend the workshop, you can validate the value and impact of your experienced coaches. This workshop approach provides an excellent setting for you to ensure that all coaches understand the school and athletic department culture you are creating for your student-athletes. Finally, you can also underscore your expectations of coach behavior in the context of this culture.

No training is necessary to become a facilitator of ASEP Coaches’ Workshops. For more information, contact your sales representative.