Sport Business Expert Rick Horrow Teams with ASEP and Human Kinetics to Promote Coaching Education

Author: ASEP Marketing


As hundreds of college and high school football players around the country take to the field for conference and state championship games this weekend, the difference between good coaching and bad coaching has never been more apparent. Each year more than 44 million athletes ages 7 to 17 are coached by 7.5 million coaches, and about 1.8 million of those coaches are new. Their effectiveness and leadership skills play a key role in the development and overall experience of young athletes everywhere.

Rick Horrow, considered to be the leading expert in the business of sport as the architect of 103 deals worth more than $13 billion, believes that coaching education enables coaches to provide a high-quality sport experience that develops young people's sport and life skills in a safe and fun environment. This belief is clearly demonstrated through his new relationship with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), a division of Human Kinetics and the leading provider of youth, high school, and elite-level sport education programs in the United States.

Horrow's new partnership with Human Kinetics goes deeper than his advocacy for ASEP. His latest book, Beyond the Scoreboard, will be released in 2011 and feature timely updates. Horrow will also be active in launching the Sport Business Insider series as coauthor and executive editor. The books will provide an in-depth understanding of key strategies and concepts in sport business, and they will feature the actions and words of some of the industry's biggest names dealing with topics such as branding, deal making, finance, negotiation, and globalization.

Horrow hosts "Beyond the $coreboard" on the Nightly Business Report (Mondays on PBS) and serves as a sport business analyst for CNN, Fox Sports, Bloomberg Business Week, and the BBC. In his role with ASEP, he will work to convince sport organizations that they need to require coaching education to ensure that coaches are well equipped to provide safe, high-quality experiences for scholastic and youth sport participants. Horrow will also help secure new support for ASEP from professional leagues, community leaders, and corporations to further fund and advocate coaching education programs throughout the country.

"We are very fortunate to have Rick join our team," says ASEP executive director Jim Schmutz. "ASEP will benefit from Rick's stature among sport business leaders as he advocates, without compromise, for mandatory coaching education for all new scholastic and youth sport coaches."

Nicknamed the "Sports Professor" thanks to his time spent as a visiting expert of sport law at Harvard Law School, Horrow hopes to educate people on the business of sport and leadership in sport through his role with ASEP. He understands the value of youth sport as evidenced by his commitment to Pop Warner, where he serves as a board member for the nation's oldest and largest youth football organization. "ASEP's philosophy of 'Athletes first, winning second' demonstrates an understanding for why kids play sports. High-quality coaching education teaches coaches to engage athletes in a way that sustains their passion for sport," says Horrow. "If athletes stay involved in sport longer, not only will they be healthier, but they will also buy more apparel, equipment, energy drinks, and so on. Everybody wins--athletes, parents, communities, and businesses who service them."

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