PONY Baseball in Hawaii Installs Coaching Education for 2011 Season

Author: ASEP Marketing


PONY Baseball in Hawaii has adopted the American Sport Education Program’s (ASEP) PONY Coaching Youth Baseball online course as the organization’s official training course. For the 2011 season, completion of the course will be required of at least one manager or coach on each of the state’s 300-plus sanctioned season teams. Looking ahead, completion of the course will be required of all Hawaii PONY Baseball managers and coaches beginning with the 2012 season.

Gwen Earll, Hawaii Region State Director of PONY Baseball in Hawaii, is a strong advocate of coaching education. “At Hawaii PONY Baseball, we felt it would be a great benefit to our entire organization if we implemented a program requiring our coaches to acquire the appropriate education,” says Earll. “The American Sport Education Program helped us fulfill our need with a customized course specifically designed for PONY. ASEP was truly a great partner to work with because of their long history with coaching education and their online courses that make it easy for our coaches to access their course from anywhere,” she says, adding that “Our league administrators are excited to move forward with this challenge and look forward to the most successful year of PONY Baseball in Hawaii!”

“We’re proud to work with PONY Baseball in Hawaii in bringing this important training to PONY coaches to improve the sport experience not only for coaches, but also for players, parents, and umpires associated with Hawaii PONY Baseball,” says ASEP Executive Director Jim Schmutz. “The course will provide coaches with foundational knowledge in general coaching principles, sport-specific technical and tactical skill instruction, and sport first aid,” adds Schmutz. “We commend the organization for taking the initiative to require coaching education,” he continues, “Clearly this is an organization that understands the impact coaches have on players, not only on the field, but also in life,” says Schmutz.

The course was developed by ASEP in conjunction with PONY Baseball and was first introduced in 2007. The course is customized and branded PONY and is available through the dedicated Web site www.PONYCoaching.org, also developed and hosted by ASEP. The cost of the online course is $19.95.

Other PONY Baseball organizations interested in adopting the course should contact Jennifer Mulcahey, ASEP youth sports sales manager, at 800-747-5698, ext. 2304 or e-mail JenniferM@hkusa.com. ASEP has also developed the PONY Coaching Youth Softball online course for PONY softball coaches. The course is also accessible through the www.PONYCoaching.org site.