Fundamentals for First-time Gymnastics Coaches

Author: ASEP Marketing


Coaching Youth Gymnastics covers all the basics of coaching and gymnastics in a concise style that is customized for entry-level gymnastics coaches. Developed by ASEP in cooperation with USA Gymnastics, this one-of-a-kind book offers a unique blend of general coaching and sport-specific information. The book's 600-plus photos will help readers understand skill technique and decide what skills to teach their athletes.

Included are Coaching Tips boxes that highlight key concepts as well as information on developing a coaching philosophy, communicating with athletes and parents, and providing basic sport first aid. The latest information regarding concussions and CDC protocols is also addressed. The book contains forms and safety checklists and sample lesson and practice plans to help stay on task.

Techniques and skills for bars, floor, beam, and vault are presented by skill level rather than by age group and are applicable to both boys and girls where appropriate. Information on falling and landing as well as suggestions on activities, conditioning, and games are provided.

The expertise of USA Gymnastics and ASEP's proven success in coaching education will ensure that coaches are adequately prepared for the challenges of coaching youth gymnastics. With content aimed at developing the entire coach, not just skills and drills, Coaching Youth Gymnastics will help them create an environment that promotes learning, enjoyment, safety, and motivation for youth gymnasts.

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Coaching Youth Gymnastics
by American Sport Education Program

Available now • Paperback • 272 pp
ISBN 978-0-7360-8403-1 • $19.95
eBook ISBN 978-1-4504-0499-0 • $17.95


USA Gymnastics is the sole national governing body for gymnastics in the United States, with more than 98,000 athletes registered in competitive programs and more than 20,000 professional, instructor, and club members.

Content expert Kathy Feldmann, vice president of membership services at USA Gymnastics (USAG), has been involved in gymnastics for over 40 years. She has been at the USAG national office since 1997. As vice president, she oversees the three divisions of membership, club services, and educational services. Before assuming her current role, Fledman held positions at USAG as a national, regional, and state chair.

Loree Galimore (USAG director of club services) and Carisa Laughon (former USAG director of educational services) contributed to the writing and development of this book.

Loree Galimore has worked with USA Gymnastics since 1996 and is the director of club services. She is a former gymnast, club owner, and coach and is a national women's gymnastics judge.

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) has been developing and delivering coaching education courses since 1981. As the nation's leading coaching education program, ASEP works with national, state, and local youth sport organizations to develop educational programs for coaches, officials, administrators, and parents. These programs incorporate ASEP's philosophy of "Athletes first, winning second."