ASEP Webinar: You Volunteered to Be a Youth Sport Coach, Now What Do You Do?

Author: ASEP Marketing


You’ve volunteered to be a youth sport coach, now what do you do? This webinar will assist first-time and inexperienced coaches with dealing with the challenges and enjoying the rewards of being a youth sport coach.

In diving right into the Xs and Os, most new coaches neglect responsibilities in other areas that are much more vital to a coach’s success. It’s these "off the field" duties that expert presenter Sam Snow will address in this hour-long webinar June 15, 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET.

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Snow will cover topics that include the following:

Coaching education—Courses and resources available through the American Sport Education Program and organizations like US Youth Soccer to further your understanding not only of the sport you’re coaching, but other equally important items often overlooked by youth coaches: developing a coaching philosophy, communicating with players and parents, player safety, and teaching techniques.

Season planning—Hold preseason parent meeting (to articulate your coaching philosophy, distribute practice and game schedules, address other team management items); work from the end to the beginning on developing a season plan curriculum that emphasizes player development over wins and losses and defines what you consider to be “success” for your program.

Designing a training session—Developing practice plans with a purpose, how to structure/what are the mechanics of a training session, keeping players engaged, small-sided games/games approach to coaching.