Go-to guide helps coaches make it through the soccer season

Author: ASEP Marketing


Participation in soccer continues to grow, with the number of players exceeding 17 million in the United States alone. This growth has created a greater demand for youth coaches than ever before. Parents who might never have played soccer are finding themselves on the sidelines wondering what they've gotten themselves into. Over the years, tens of thousands of coaches in this very situation have turned to the American Sport Education Program's (ASEP) Coaching Youth Soccer, and this new fifth edition delivers even more information in an improved format to help calm the fears, identify and organize the tasks and responsibilities, and bolster the confidence of today's new coaches.

Written by ASEP in conjunction with Sam Snow, director of coaching for US Youth Soccer, Coaching Youth Soccer presents sport-specific coaching tips and advice as well as general coaching principles and safety information that coaches need for success on and off the field. Of particular note is the expansion of the sport first aid section to include guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on dealing with concussions, of which soccer is second only to football in terms of frequency.

This fifth edition includes over 45 activities and 40 coaching tips, combined with more than 70 photos and 50 illustrations, all in a reorganized format to make it even more practical for coaches. Chapters on attacking and defending, along with a new chapter on goalkeeping, are included to provide more in-depth information on playing these positions. The book promotes the use of both skill-related and gamelike activities (small-sided games) to make training sessions fun and effective. Sample training plans for U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14 are provided to help coaches stay organized, while sample season plans identify goals for players' psychological, fitness, and technical and tactical skill development, helping coaches chart players' progress and encourage them to stick with sports year after year.

Part of the long-running Coaching Youth Sport Series, Coaching Youth Soccer combines the expertise of US Youth Soccer's Sam Snow with essential coaching skills and activities, providing a dynamic method for teaching soccer fundamentals and making it a must-read for youth soccer coaches preparing to meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards of working with young athletes.

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