ASEP Instructor newsletter; December 2011 issue

Author: Jerry Reeder, ASEP Assistant Director


ASEP Instructors,

With the holiday season upon us, I thought this would be a great time to rekindle the ASEP Instructor e-newsletter!

This past spring ASEP launched a new-instructor initiative that has proven to be a tremendous success. Before I describe this project, let me provide you with a little background. In 2004, ASEP began developing online courses to meet the needs expressed by several athletic directors and state associations across the nation. The issue at hand was the difficulty in scheduling classroom courses for non-faculty coaches who were required to complete coach education but who found it inconvenient to attend a clinic due to personal schedules away from interscholastic sport. The belief at the time was that online offerings would provide a convenient and effective way to resolve scheduling issues.

The online solution has proven successful in regard to convenience, but according to many athletic directors I have spoken with, it has fallen short in regard to effectiveness. We hear the concerns of ADs across the country who feel their non-faculty coaches - who have taken online courses to meet their coach education requirement - are ill-prepared to enter the coaching profession. They’re telling us that coaches are simply passing an open-book exam, or in the case of some providers, a test that cannot be failed. Their message is clear: They want their coaches back in the classroom where they are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum presented by an experienced mentor.

Once again we have answered the call and launched a new-instructor program designed specifically for athletic directors and school administrators. As I mentioned earlier, the program has exceeded our expectations. Since the program’s launch in May of this year, we have trained nearly 250 administrators as new ASEP instructors. These men and women have joined our team of ASEP instructors and are bringing their expertise to the classroom to influence the next generation of coaches. The beneficiary of this project is the student-athlete in our schools; their interscholastic sport experience will be enhanced through “Successful Coaching.”

Now I want to turn my focus to you, our current ASEP instructors, and provide you with a glimpse into the future. Last spring not only saw the launch of the new-instructor project, but a second project began that will have even a larger impact on our future. Coaching Principles 4th Edition is on the way and will make its debut in May 2011. This monumental project began with a thorough review of the current edition of Coaching Principles. I solicited the assistance of eight experienced ASEP instructors from every corner of the United States to provide me with critical feedback of our current course. In addition to their unit-by-unit review, I asked them a very important question, “In your opinion what are the most important coaching principles you want the coaches in your class to walk away with that will provide them the greatest chance for success as they begin their coaching careers?”

The result of this initial review and the extensive work that has been completed by our curriculum development team is difficult to put into words. Simply said we have taken a great course and made it even greater! I will share details of the 4th edition in future versions of this newsletter, but let me put your mind to rest. ASEP will provide all active ASEP instructors with the 4th edition instructor resources at our expense. In addition, there will not be any required recertification or instructor training to teach the 4th edition. ASEP will develop and record a Coaching Principles 4th Edition webinar that you can view at your leisure to guide you through the course revisions and introduce you to the features that have been added to the course to increase instructor flexibility.

I close by wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful holiday season. I have experienced the workload and pressure of your job as an athletic administrator. A break from school and some quality time with family is just what the doctor ordered. I pray that you will return for a prosperous and successful New Year.

God bless,

Coach Reeder