Back to School

Author: Jerry Reeder, ASEP Assistant Executive Director


As a former high school athletic director, I know from experience that summer vacations for ADs are short lived—if lived at all. But the start of a new school year is always exciting and full of new expectations as fall sports swing into action. I always enjoyed welcoming my returning coaches and sharing in their excitement as they prepared for the new season. Frequently, that group of coaches included a few rookie coaches or an assistant coach who was being elevated to head coach for the first time. I embraced the opportunity to mentor my coaches and share with them my nearly 40 years of coaching experience.

Many things have changed in coaching since I got my start in the 70s, but one thing will always remain: coaches influence the kids they coach—either positively or negatively. As ADs, our role is to mentor our staff so their influence is positive and that our coaches provide the best sport experience possible for our athletes.

In my opinion, the professional development of a coach is the most important responsibility of a sport administrator. And as an ASEP instructor, you have the resources to make this task a rewarding experience for you and your coaches. Our curriculum—featuring Coaching Principles and the newly updated Sport First Aid course—coupled with your experience is a combination that spells success.

I encourage you to embrace a professional development program for your coaches—not just for those who need certification, but for all of your coaches. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the options available to you and assist you in developing a program for your staff.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2013-14 school year!

Jerry Reeder
ASEP Assistant Executive Director
800-747-5698, ext. 2325