Welcome to the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center

Author: ASEP Marketing


Human Kinetics is pleased to announce that the American Sport Education Program website has been redesigned and renamed the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center. The new-look site more specifically focuses attention on our coaching courses, resources, and services.

The Human Kinetics Coach Education Center provides access to our traditional online coaching education courses, including Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and Coaching Youth Sport courses, and the National Coaches Registry as a resource to verify coaches’ certifications.

ASEP instructors will find all of the same tools for creating student/coach IDs, submitting course report forms, posting upcoming clinics, and running verification reports as on the previous site through the "Instructor Resources" tab found under both the "Scholastic/Club" and "College/University" tabs on the home page.

The site also offers coaches and sport administrators access to our Human Kinetics' entire catalog of resources, including hundreds of books, e-books, DVDs, apps, courses, and webinars designed to assist coaches in working with their athletes and teams. Navigation will be simplified with clear labels, large tabs, and handy drop-down menus.

The other change to the website, the rebrand featuring “Human Kinetics” in the title, is a reflection of our global reach and our expanding relations with international coaching and sport organizations. Our partnership with the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE); extensive business ties developed through our offices in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia; and the borderless communication and business technologies of today have made the country-specific label outdated.

The International tab on the new-look home page will be your link to the International Sport Coaching Framework and to the forthcoming International Sport Coaching Journal, available in January 2014. These publications offer access to the greatest expertise in coach education and development around the world.

We hope you like the look, navigation, and functionality of the new Human Kinetics Coach Education Center site and trust the improvements will make you an even more frequent visitor.