Unlocking "key codes"

Author: Human Kinetics Coach Education Marketing


Students who purchase Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid courses from your bookstore receive a package that contains the course textbook, workbook, test form and instructions, and two key code letters.

Key codes are unique codes used by students to “unlock” access to online courses and course tests.

One key code letter in the packet is to access the course test; the other is to access the “online component.”

Whether taking the test paper-pencil (using the scan form included in the test packet) or online, students are asked to enter their key code upon accessing the test. Key codes for tests are identifiable as 10-digit numbers.

Students are also required to enter a key code when accessing the online component. The online component contains additional learning activities that students can access at their leisure through the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center website to enhance their learning. This is a different key code than the one used to unlock the test. Key codes for online components are alpha-numeric (they contain a combination of letters and numbers) and end with “onlinecomponent.” Be sure to point out to your students the two different key codes/letters and the purpose for each.

Students cannot share key codes, and key codes cannot be used more than once. Key codes are simply for unlocking access; after entering a key code the first time, students are not asked to enter it again. If a key code is used a second time, the system will flag it as invalid.

The student ID is different than the key code. The ID is a 9-digit number (no letters) that identifies a student in our database. As the instructor, you generate the ID numbers from the website and assign the ID numbers to students attending your classes. Each time a student takes a course from Human Kinetics Coach Education, he or she is asked to enter their ID number.

As always, if you have any questions regarding key codes, IDs, course package contents, or ordering course packages, please contact your Human Kinetics sales representative, and he or she walk you through the process.

Key codes are only included with Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid course packages; they are not included with the textbooks. We often hear from students who have mistakenly purchased just the textbook for the course, only to realize (often at the last minute) they don’t have a key code to access the course test. The only way for a student to get a course key code is to purchase the classroom course package (which includes the textbook, workbook, test package, and key code) from your bookstore. We ask that you emphasize to your students that they need to purchase the course package; purchasing just the textbook will not give them access to the course test.