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As a parent of an athlete or athletes, you want the best for your kids. ASEP has several resources to help guide you as you support your child's participation in sport. Based on the philosophy of "Athletes First . . . Winning Second," ASEP's educational resources place the emphasis on developing young people, not accumulating "Ws."

Coaching Education

If you're a parent who also coaches, or you're contemplating becoming a coach, ASEP has the most comprehensive coaching education program for youth sport organizations available anywhere in the country. ASEP's Volunteer Education Program features in-person and online Coaching Youth Sport courses that will have you trained in time for opening day.

Our turnkey classroom courses feature right-out-of-the-box materials to facilitate a course for all of your coaches and provide each coach with valuable take-home references. Courses can be conducted for baseball, basketball, cricket, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.

ASEP's online Coaching Youth Sport courses empower you to train yourself. You can purchase and take courses through ASEP's Web site when and where it's convenient for you—you even take the test online. Online courses currently available are Coaching Youth Baseball, Coaching Youth Basketball, Coaching Youth Football Coaching Youth Soccer, Coaching Youth Softball, Coaching Youth Tennis, Coaching Youth Volleyball, and Coaching Youth Wrestling.

After completing the course of your choice, you'll receive a certificate of completion, and your certification is good for three years. You'll also be included in ASEP's National Coaches Registry, an online roster of coaches who have completed ASEP courses.

ASEP's Coaching Youth Sport online and in-class courses offer outstanding structured coach training with minimal effort. Be a champion of coaching education in your league or organization—promote ASEP's courses to your fellow coaches and sport administrators.

Officials Education Program

ASEP also offers education for officials. The online Officiating Principles course and its companion text Successful Sports Officiating are geared toward officials looking to learn the fundamentals of officiating, regardless of the sport they officiate. Communication, teamwork, decision making, and conflict resolution are just some of the topics covered in this insightful course.