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Athletic Director's Desk Reference With Web Resource


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ISBN: 0736082816
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Athletic Director's Desk Reference With Web Resource is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for collegiate athletic administrators. Loaded with practical tools, this resource guides program administrators in navigating their increasingly complex roles in athletic programs of any size. With this reference, administrators will confidently handle typical and unexpected situations and address the various policy and system needs required for running a successful athletic program. Authors Lopiano and Zotos, well known and respected for their contributions to collegiate and scholastic athletics, guide readers with more than 75 combined years of experience as athletic program administrators, coaches, and consultants. Complete with a practical web resource, Athletic Director's Desk Reference offers extensive advice and tools for today's athletic director, covering leadership and organizational planning, office and facilities operations, staff management, student–athlete relations, team administration, event management, fundraising, media relations, and more. Both the print and e-book versions of Athletic Director's Desk Reference help readers quickly find the materials and information required for performing specific tasks or functions. They include numbered contents and cross-references to the web resource, allowing readers to move seamlessly between the two. This comprehensive resource includes more than 100 management tips and planning tools in the book that provide expert insights and strategic advice, and more than 300 documents in the web resource that can be downloaded and customized to meet the needs of each athletic program:
  • Management tips in the book present foundational information, problem-solving strategies, and suggestions for management of employees, programs, events, and facilities.
  • Planning tools in the book provide specific steps or considerations to take in the development of strategic plans, action plans, professional development plans, and governance systems.
  • Educational resources in the web resource can be used for teaching and motivating staff members, campus constituents, volunteers, and student-athletes.
  • Evaluation instruments and risk assessments in the web resource help directors, supervisors, and employees assess job performance, evaluate program contents, identify risks, and prevent litigation. A special evaluation instrument in Chapter 10 contains 27 spreadsheets to help athletic directors collect and analyze data necessary to determine Title IX compliance.
  • Policies and forms in the web resource allow athletic directors to produce effective policies and procedures with only simple modifications and customizations.
The engaging narrative, philosophies, and advice from seasoned professionals combined with customizable and practical materials make this a unique and essential reference for athletic directors of all levels and abilities. Athletic Director's Desk Reference empowers administrators to confront issues and lead with confidence while saving time and research. As a result, athletic directors will become more efficient, more effective, more mission driven, and more successful in virtually any task, decision, or strategy.   

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Developing Leadership Style and Philosophy
Characteristics and Skills of the Athletic Director
Philosophy, Values, and Operating Principles
Relationship Building
Problem Solving

Chapter 2. Governance of the Athletic Program
Accountability to Institutional Stakeholders
Governance and Advisory Mechanisms

Chapter 3. Vision, Mission, and Goals

Chapter 4. Operational Structure of the Athletic Program

Chapter 5. Office Operations, Finance, and Budgeting
Staff Preparation
Office Operations
Contracts and Insurance
Financial Affairs

Chapter 6. Managing a Staff to Accomplish Program Goals
Organizational Structure
Supervisor Responsibilities
Hiring Process
Staff Evaluation
Employment Administration
Job Descriptions

Chapter 7. Ethics, Rules Compliance, and Professional Conduct

Chapter 8. Student-Athlete Support Programs
Academic Support Programs
Student-Life Programs

Chapter 9. Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Programs
Program and Facility Operations
Preparticipation Requirements
Injury Documentation
Drug-Testing Program
Critical Sports Medicine Issues

Chapter 10. Diversity, Inclusion, and Nondiscrimination

Chapter 11. Team Administration
Roster Management
Athlete Selection, Participation, and Preparation
Coach and Student-Athlete Conduct
Equipment and Uniforms

Chapter 12. Event Management and Scheduling
Scheduling of Practices and Contests
Event Operations
Camps and Clinics

Chapter 13. Revenue Acquisition and Fund-Raising
Overview of General Considerations
Annual Giving and Major Giving
Fund-Raising Campaigns
Corporate-Giving and Sponsorship Programs
Athletic Event Income
Multimedia Rights and Advertising Income
Other Sources of Revenue

Chapter 14. Communications, Media Relations, and Promotions
Positioning the Brand
Media Relations

Chapter 15. Facilities and Operations
Building or Significantly Renovating a Sport Facility
Facility Operations
Facility Rentals