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Successful Sports Officiating-2nd Edition

2nd Edition

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Successful Sports Officiating will help prepare aspiring and inexperienced officials for the rigors of the job. Written by leading experts in the officiating field—boasting experience at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels—this second edition has been completely revised and updated and includes new chapters on the current state of officiating, officiating as a career, and mental training. Enlightening discussions on developing an officiating philosophy and the psychology of officiating help you understand what it takes to be a successful official beyond just knowing the rules and mechanics.

Chapters on developing skills in the areas of communication, decision making, and conflict management will assist you in managing contests and working with coaches, players, and parents. Discussions on personal fitness and injury prevention, time management, legal rights and responsibilities, and career development will help you manage the off-the-field aspects of being an official.

Endorsed by Referee Enterprises, Inc., publishers of Referee magazine, Successful Sports Officiating, Second Edition, is the most comprehensive and authoritative text on the subject of officiating available today. Written and edited by a team of expert practitioners on the art and science of officiating, Successful Sports Officiating, Second Edition, is the reflection of decades of experience, and its practical approach will serve you well in your quest to understand and apply the principles of successful officiating.

About the Author

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP), a division of Human Kinetics, is the leading provider of youth, high school, and elite-level sport education programs in the United States. Rooted in the philosophy of “Athletes first, winning second,” ASEP has educated more than 1.5 million coaches, officials, sport administrators, parents, and athletes. For 30 years, local, state, and national sport organizations have partnered with ASEP to lead the way in making sport a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience for all involved. For more information on ASEP sport education courses and resources, call 800-747-5698, e-mail, or visit

Table of Contents

Part I: Building Your Sports Officiating Career
Chapter 1: Current State of Officiating (Jerry Grunska)
Chapter 2: Officiating as a Lifetime Career (Jerry Grunska)

Part II: Developing Your Officiating Skills
Chapter 3: Officiating Style (Jerry Grunska)
Chapter 4: Goal Setting (Bob Weinberg)
Chapter 5: Communication Skills (Kay Roof-Steffen)
Chapter 6: Decision-Making Skills (Jerry Grunska)
Chapter 7: Mental Training Strategies (Bob Weinberg)
Chapter 8: Conflict Management (Jon Bible)

Part III: Getting Fit to Officiate
Chapter 9: Fitness Principles for Officials (Jon Poole and Kathleen Poole)
Chapter 10: An Officiating Personal Fitness Plan (Jon Poole and Kathleen Poole)

Part IV: Managing Professional Responsibilities
Chapter 11: Legal Responsibilities (Paul Anderson)
Chapter 12: Legal Rights and Business Responsibilities (Paul Anderson)
Chapter 13: Time Management (Jerry Grunska)

Appendix A: Sports Officials’ Code of Ethics
Appendix B: State High School Associations
Appendix C: Other Governing Bodies


The primary audience for this text is new and inexperienced high school sport officials. Seasoned officials will find the book to be an excellent refresher and reference, and youth sport officials aspiring to move up in the ranks will also find it a valuable and practical resource. Additional audiences include parks and recreation administrators, YMCA administrators, and campus recreation program coordinators responsible for the training of officials for their sport programs. The text is also available for adoption by high school and college instructors looking to offer officiating courses to students as part of coaching or physical education programs.